Horse Memorial Services

Beth-and-Phantom_crThe relationships we develop with our beloved horses are sacred. When our equine friends are near death or have passed, we experience great loss. It is heartrending.

Celebrating their lives with a ritual not only honors our horses, it honors and helps us move through our grief for them. It helps us express our deep love for these amazing animals.

It was thirty-three years after the tragic death of her beloved Welsh pony, Phantom, that Beth began to consciously grieve her loss. Beth created a memorial service to honor Phantom’s life and to celebrate the love and gratitude she felt for her. Beth has been doing rituals of loss and transformation with folks for over 20 years.

Beth is a graduate of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota Masters in Human Development Program, WisdomHorseCoaching’s Apprenticeship Program, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the Coaches Training Institute.

For more information on how Beth can help you create a Memorial Service to honor your horse’s life, contact her at or 612 386-1909.

To  honor Phantom and the transformative experiences people have had with Beth and horses during horse assisted life coaching sessions, Beth created the Word Horse. Check out the Word Horse at facebook/wordhorse!

CELEBRATE THE LIFE OF YOUR HORSE with an intentional ritual.