Word Horse Activity Book – hardcopy or e-book

WorkbookThis activity book  is a comprehensive guide that gives the horse assisted professional 36  horse assisted coaching activities.  Each activity follows a format to help you prepare for and deliver the activity successfully.  Each activity includes powerful coaching questions to help you deepen the learning for your client.

Included are sections on how to keep you, the horse and the client safe to deliver a meaningful experience. There is story on the genesis of the Word Horse. There are meditations for each activity to prepare the client as they enter in to the coaching session with the mind, body and spirit.

The development of this book was a collaborative experience for three horse assisted coaches dedicated to furthering the transformative work of horse assisted coaching.

Use this book to further and deepen your work with your horse assisted coaching clients. Invite your clients to explore the words in the six categories:

  • Being Human
  • Brilliance
  • Compassionate Heart
  • Spirit/Higher Power
  • Fully Embodied
  • Becoming Wonder


Enjoy the process!

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